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Active substance: Modafinil (C15H15NO2S)
Common brands: Provigil
India trade name: Modvigil
Made by: HAB Pharma (Established in 1980)
Strength: 200mg
Form release: foil blister 10 tablets
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Modvigil is generic version for Provigil, Modvigil is cheaper than Provigil, Modvigil available in India in dosage 200mg, Generir Provigil (Modvigil) is a benzhydryl acetamide compound, central nervous system stimulant, and CYP3A4 inducing agent that is used in the treatment of NARCOLEPSY and SLEEP WAKE DISORDERS.

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Modafinil (Modvigil) is a synthetic central nervous system stimulant with wakefulness-promoting activity. Modafinil appears to inhibit dopamine reuptake, resulting in an increase in extracellular dopamine. This agent exhibits pronounced wakefulness-promoting activity (without sympathomimetic activity) and may improve cognitive function in certain clinical settings. (NCI04)

For nootropic use, standard Modvigil dosages of 200mg,

You should take tablets before a focused work session, or when starting to feel the effects of fatigue in order to counteract them. You can take Modvigil with or without food. 200mg of Modvigil is also the normal dosage for those using Modvigil to treat narcolepsy,

Evidence shows that 400mg dosages are tolerable. However, there is not enough data to suggest that a 400mg dose is more effective than a 200mg dose.

Older individuals should consider reduced dosages until they can gauge how Modvigil will affect them. In addition, pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant women should avoid taking Modvigil and related Modafinil products.

Modvigil from India will not cause seriouse side effects if you will take medication using prescription and instruction for use.

One-third of participants in clinical trials reported experiencing headaches; 11% reported nausea; other negative side-effects such as nervousness, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, and gastrointestinal problems were reported by fewer than 10% of participants. Other reported side effects can include increased heart rate and perspiration.