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Active substance Tadalafil
Trade names Cialis, Adcirca
India trade name Tadarise
Made by Cipla (Established in 1935)
Strength 20mg
Form release blister 4 / 10 orange  tablets
Shipping time 7 – 18 days
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Usually customers take one tablet of Tadacip before act, eak concentrations take 2 hours, the onset of action has been reported within 15 minutes of dosing and the efficacy may persist for up to 36 hours. Tadacip has linear pharmacokinetics over the dose range of 2.5–20 mg. At steady state, the peak plasma concentration of 5 mg administered once daily is less than that of 10 or 20 mg taken 2–3 times per week. Interestingly, when daily dosing of 2.5–5 mg has been compared with on-demand dosing at 10–20 mg for tadalafil, the frequency of headaches has generally been 3–5 times less in the daily treatment arms. Tadacip is the first ED treatment approved for daily dosing. This represents an important change in our conception of ED as a disorder and has the potential to dramatically alter the way we approach this prevalent and vexing concern. Although not necessarily the optimal management schema for every man with ED, this exciting dosing option has the potential to expand our capacity to care for men with ED in a novel and unprecedented direction.

The prolonged half-life of tadalafil/tadacip lends itself well to this dosing regimen and conveys the advantage of separating medication from sexual interactions; lower dose therapy also carries the theoretical benefit of lower incidence of side effects.

Furthermore, routine low-dose exposure may diminish overall drug exposure in men who engage in sexual intercourse more than twice weekly and may minimize side effects in men who have trouble tolerating higher doses of the PDE5I