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Tadalista Generic for Cialis, Tadarise available in 20mg. 40mg. 60mg.

Active substance Tadalafil
Trade names Cialis, Adcirca
India trade name Tadalista
Made by Fortune Health Care
Strength 20mg/40mg/60mg
Form release blister 10 orange tadarise tablets
Shipping time 7 – 18 days
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Tadalista made by Fortune Health care is a 100% generic drug for branded equivalent is Cialis. The manufacturer of the medication is the company wich was established in 2004 , they deals in various superior quality generic medicines from top brands for treating loss of sexual power.

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Tadalista/Generic for Cialis is among the most widely known drugs being employed today for improving men’s health. It is qualified as a miracle because it starts working as fast as in 30 min after dosing with an outcome that can go on for 36 hours. A man who uses this drug will not need to be anxious about going on a weekend journey in company with his lover merely because he will be able to retain a stiffy male organ for almost 2 days.

  • severe vertiginousness;
  • collapse;
  • nausea;
  • numbness of upper and lower limbs;
  • stethalgia or idiopathic hypertension;
  • feeling short of breath;
  • left-handed pain;
  • sudden deterioration of vision in one or both eyes (including blindness).